Philly Cheesesteak Egg Roll

Slices of provolone cheese—six
Pack of twelve egg roll shells
Cooking oil
Ranch dressing, if desired, to dip
Turn on the medium heat in a big skillet. Melt half of the butter, which is half of the amount listed in the ingredients. Toss in the chopped onion and green bell pepper after the butter has melted. Just a few minutes in the pan should be enough to soften these components.
Transfer the cooked vegetables to a platter and cover to keep them warm.
Use the remaining butter and melt it now. Melt the butter in a skillet and add the rib eye. To season, just add salt and black pepper.
Turn the rib eye steak over and cook it for another three or four minutes, or until it becomes brown on the outside and done on the inside.
Combine the meat with the sautéed vegetables.
After obtaining the egg roll wrappers, open them. After that, center the egg roll wrapper with half a piece of cheese.
Now, fill each egg roll wrapper with two or three tablespoons of beef mixture and fold according per the package guidelines. As you approach the wrappers, use water to secure their edges.
Heat up the deep frying pan and add the oil.
Keep turning the egg rolls as they fry for three or four at a time. Frying it for three to five minutes causes it to get brown.
Before serving, place fried rolls on paper towels to soak up excess oil. Top with your preferred sauce and baste.
Coat the egg rolls with frying spray and bale them at 425F. To get a crispy texture, cook for around 15 to 20 minutes. If you'd rather bake it, that's the way to go.