My grandma used to make these on her dinner table regularly. They were always one of my favorite cookies

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Although the thought of ginger snaps conjures images of crumbly, dry cookies from grandma's table, the real deal is that properly prepared ginger snaps are deliciously sweet and subtly spicy. In as little as thirty minutes from start to finish, you may have them cooled and ready to go. Their color and flavor are mostly derived from dark molasses. To make it spicier, ground clove, cinnamon, and ginger are added.
In this recipe, we follow the standard procedure for creating cookies, which is to combine the wet and dry components after separate mixing. Anyone looking for a novel treat will love these delicious cookies, so feel free to serve them to youngsters and adults alike.


Spicy Ginger Snap Cookies
between thirty and thirty-six cookies Twenty minutes, ten minutes, thirty minutes
one cup of packed light brown sugar
three quarters of a cup of vegetable oil
two-thirds cup of molasses
one egg

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