Of course, taking the oil with meals is fine and healthy, but it will have many more benefits if taken alone. By doing this it will not mix with other substances and all its effects will be enhanced. It won’t take long before you see the first results. Furthermore, taking the oil in this way will ensure tight control of cholesterol. Many of us therefore define olive oil as a true elixir of long life .

Olive Oil As Fuel For The Day

Given all this, it is good to keep in mind that a spoonful of olive oil consumed on an empty stomach in the morning is a real panacea. The importance of fasting lies in the fact that since there is nothing in the stomach, the oil has the possibility of acting on its own without interference from other substances or foods.

Many will wonder how it is possible to drink a whole spoonful of oil and we can say that it is just a matter of habit. The fact that it feels slimy in your mouth is just a matter of habit and once you have become familiar with the oil you will see that it will be like drinking water. Let’s keep in mind that the oil is easily and highly digestible and protects the stomach from annoying heartburn and dangerous ulcers.

For those who suffer from constipation it will be of great help as it promotes better and easier passage of food and so on. There are those who even mix oil with lemon, always on an empty stomach, and it seems that this habit has benefits on the liver. A spoonful of oil with the addition of 3 drops of lemon will be enough. This remedy dates back to very ancient times and will help the body purify and detoxify itself.

It will only take a few days before you see the real positive effects . Furthermore, it will guarantee a much better night’s rest. In order to have all the benefits just described, it is important that you consume high quality extra virgin olive oil. This way you can enjoy all the positive and beneficial aspects of the oil itself.