Hands down, this is the only cake my hubby will eat for Easter!

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Delightful and popular since the 1970s, poke cakes are famous for the flavors that seep into the cake via the holes on the top, making every bite juicy and delicious. As we enter the height of spring, the Easter Poke Cake comes to life as a tribute to the magical occasion and the season. This dish is perfect for any Easter celebration because to its adaptability, which is achieved by combining the ease of a boxed cake with the handcrafted touch of flavored gelatin. The result is a visually stunning dessert with a flavor that anybody can customize to their liking.
A citrus salad or a mix of berries would be perfect accompaniments to this fluffy cake, which is perfect on its own or with other fresh fruits. If you're looking to amp up the flavor, try serving it with some vanilla ice cream or tangy lemon curd.

Twelve to fifteen servings of Easter Poke Cake

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