Recipe: Homemade cheese with 1 litre of milk, half a lemon and 1 yoghurt


The ingredients

● One litre of sheep’s milk;

● One organic unsweetened natural yoghurt;

● 1 half an organic lemon.

There is also a vegan version of this recipe. You just need to substitute the milk with a mixture of coconut milk and almond milk and the yoghurt with probiotic capsules.


● 1 metre of cotton wool gauze (which you will find in pharmacies);

● 1 jar;

● 1 mould.

The method of preparation.

● Start by heating your milk in a saucepan for 15 minutes over low heat without bringing it to a boil;

● While the milk is heating, squeeze the juice of half a lemon with a citrus juicer if you have one or with a fork;

● Remove the milk from the heat when the 15 minutes have elapsed and gradually add the plain yoghurt and lemon juice;

● Stir for a few seconds, then let your mixture sit for at least 3 hours;

● Once the 3 hours are up, take your cotton wool gauze and fold it over on itself several times before placing it in a saucepan or bowl;

● Filter your mixture with your cheesecloth so that the whey goes into the pan and only the curds remain. Don’t hesitate to press well so that all the whey goes into the pan;

● Place the cotton gauze containing the curdled part in another container and put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes with a weight on top;

● Then take out your cotton gauze and open it to season your cheese with salt if desired, then place it in the mould of your choice;

● Put your cheese back in the fridge in your mould for another 8 hours and you’re done!