You can say goodbye to bad smells in the bathroom with just a bay leaf.


To eliminate unpleasant odours in the bathroom naturally, simply use a bay leaf.

In every home, it can happen to hear unpleasant smells coming from the bathroom, either from the toilet or from the drain pipes. This is a problem that has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the environment, as it can occur even after an intense cleaning session. To solve it, however, there is a really simple and quick trick, based on the use of a simple bay leaf.

Eliminating unpleasant odours from the bathroom as soon as possible is essential to prevent them from spreading quickly throughout the rest of the house. But before resorting to the classic products available on the market, which often contain toxic substances, it is essential that you know this home remedy.

Eliminate unpleasant odours with a bay leaf
This simple trick requires the use of only two ingredients, which you can find very easily: a few bay leaves and a match. So, let’s see how to use them to remove all the bad smells from your bathroom.

bay leaves in the bathroom

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