There are 12 smart ways to keep mice and rats out of your home


5. Plant Peppermint:

Grow peppermint plants around your home as a natural deterrent.

6. Cat Litter:

Place used cat litter near potential nesting sites outside. The scent of cat urine acts as a natural predator deterrent.

7. Seal Entry Points:

Fill any holes or entry points with materials like plaster of Paris, cement, steel wool, or copper mesh.

8. Ground Clove Repellent:

Use ground cloves near entry points, refreshing them every couple of days to maintain their effectiveness.

9. Dryer Sheets:

Place dryer sheets in areas where rodents congregate. Their strong scent repels mice and rats.

10. Feline Assistance:

Consider adopting a cat. Cats are natural hunters and their presence can deter rodents.

11. Handling Dead Rodents:

When dealing with a deceased rodent, always wear gloves. Dispose of the body in double-sealed bags and place it in an outdoor trash bin.

12. Consistent Application:

Remember, consistent and varied approaches are key to effective rodent control.

Implementing these methods can significantly reduce the presence of rodents in your home, ensuring a safer and healthier living environment.