The genius tip for whitening laundry naturally without using bleach


Marseille Soap: This traditional soap cleans and whitens laundry while respecting fabric fibers, free from harmful additives.

Sodium Percarbonate: A powerful bleaching agent, sodium percarbonate combines sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. It's especially effective for removing stains. Add two tablespoons to the fabric softener compartment at the end of the wash cycle for impressive results.

Milk: Surprisingly, milk is an excellent whitening agent for laundry. Mix 25 cl of water, 50 cl of milk, and 6 ice cubes in a basin. Soak your clothes for an hour, then hand-rub the stains or run a normal machine wash. Adjust the ingredient quantities based on the amount of laundry.

To prevent whites from yellowing, avoid mixing them with colored clothes and try sun-drying, which has natural whitening properties.

By using these natural methods, you can achieve brilliantly white laundry without the environmental or health risks associated with bleach. Enjoy the benefits of clean, bright, and fresh-smelling clothes the natural way!