That's why many people run a slice of onion in the windows of their house.


Discover why many are turning to a slice of onion to keep their windows crystal clear.

Why Onions for Window Cleaning?
Using onions on glass surfaces might seem unconventional, but it's a method that delivers astonishing results. Ideal for tackling extremely dirty or greasy windows marred by fingerprints, onions work wonders. The natural compounds in onions dissolve grime effortlessly, offering a spotless clean without the usual hassle of scrubbing.

Two Effective Onion Cleaning Methods

The Onion Half or Slice Method:

Cut an onion in half or use a slice.
Rub it directly on the glass to remove tough stains like insect droppings and dried-on dirt.
Continual rubbing will gradually clear all residues.
Finish by polishing with a dry cloth until the glass is streak-free.
Amazingly, just one or two onion slices can clean an entire door, leaving it impeccably spotless.
Onion in Water Method:

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