Put a roll of toilet paper in the fridge and you’ll be surprised by what happens.


In the realm of quirky internet hacks, some ideas catch on for their unexpected utility. One such surprising trend gaining traction is storing toilet paper in the refrigerator. While it may sound odd, this method isn't about safeguarding a pandemic-era precious commodity. Instead, it's about freshness and odor control.

Believe it or not, placing a roll of toilet paper in the fridge has been touted as an effective way to absorb unpleasant odors. @smartfoxlifehacks revealed that this is a trick used in the hotel industry for tackling bad smells. The logic? Toilet paper, known for its absorbency, helps to soak up excess moisture that often leads to mold or mildew, which are common culprits behind fridge odors.

However, it's not as effective as baking soda, the traditional go-to for neutralizing fridge smells. Baking soda doesn't just absorb moisture; it also neutralizes acidic odors. Some even suggest enhancing the toilet paper's efficacy by dusting it with baking soda before placing it in the fridge.

Cost-wise, baking soda is more economical. A box costs around $0.99 and lasts up to three months, while toilet paper, at roughly $0.84 per roll, needs replacing every three weeks. Therefore, while toilet paper can be a quick fix for emergency situations, it's not the most cost-effective solution for regular use.

Tips for Using Toilet Paper in the Fridge:

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