Iron, throw some in the tank: very fragrant clothes in 2 minutes


Are your freshly washed clothes lacking that pleasant aroma? There's no need to rewash them. Instead, try a natural method to add fragrance: scented water. This easy-to-make solution can transform your laundry with your favorite scents in just minutes. Let's explore how to create and use scented water to enhance your laundry experience.

Creating Scented Water for Fragrant Laundry
Scented water is a fantastic and quick way to infuse your clothes with a delightful fragrance during ironing. It's simple to prepare at home using natural ingredients:

Choose your preferred essential oil (5-6 drops).
Mix it with 250ml of water.
Combine these in a bowl, stirring to create a uniform mixture, and then transfer it to a spray bottle.

Using Scented Water
To use, shake the mixture in the spray bottle and apply it to your laundry as you iron. The heat from the iron helps to release and fix the aroma of the essential oil into the fabric, leaving your clothes softer and pleasantly scented. This method works not only for clothes but also for refreshing items like cushions, sofas, and curtains.

Selecting the Right Essential Oils

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