Iron, throw some in the tank: very fragrant clothes in 2 minutes


Selecting the Right Essential Oils

The variety of essential oils offers numerous scents to choose from, allowing for different aromatic experiences each time you iron. Opting for high-quality essential oils will ensure a longer-lasting fragrance on your clothes. Some popular choices include:

Lemon: Offers a strong, energizing scent, enhancing focus.

Lavender: Known for its unique, relaxing aroma.

Rose Oil: Helps in creating a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere.

Peppermint: Imparts a fresh and invigorating fragrance.

Benefits of Essential Oils on Laundry

Essential oils not only add a lovely scent to your clothes but also have positive effects on well-being:

Lemon: Boosts energy and concentration.

Rose Oil: Aids in emotional balance and uplifts mood.

Mint: Provides a sense of freshness and relaxation.

Lavender: Offers a uniquely calming effect.

In summary, using scented water with essential oils in your ironing routine is a natural, effective way to achieve fragrant laundry. This method not only enhances the aroma of your clothes but also brings the therapeutic benefits of essential oils into your daily life.