How To Bleach Yellow Clothes Without Bleach


It's a common issue for clothes, especially whites, to turn yellow over time. However, there's good news for fans of DIY solutions! You can bring back the original white of your discolored or yellowed clothes using simple, time-saving techniques. With natural methods and everyday kitchen ingredients, you can save on laundry expenses and restore your clothes to their former glory.

Natural Remedies for Whitening Clothes:

White Vinegar:

If your washing machine isn't doing the trick, try white vinegar. It's particularly effective for stubborn discolorations on towels and sheets. Rub affected areas with vinegar, let sit for up to two hours, then wash as usual.

Lemon's whitening properties make it ideal for laundry. Mix 2 grams of salt (or baking soda) with the juice of 2 lemons in warm water. Soak your clothes for a quick hand wash. Lemon is a fantastic natural whitener.
Hydrogen Peroxide:

Dilute hydrogen peroxide with hot water (half part peroxide to one part water). Soak your garments for a few minutes, then wash and rinse. This method is effective for removing yellowish tinges.
Marseille Soap:

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