How To Bleach Yellow Clothes Without Bleach


Marseille Soap:

A time-honored all-purpose cleaner, Marseille soap can make your clothes white again. Soak the fabric in soapy water for an hour, then scrub, rinse, and dry. For larger items, grate 150 grams of soap, mix with a cup of soda crystals, and add to 3 liters of boiling water. Use this homemade detergent in your washing machine.


Surprisingly, eggshells can be effective for laundry due to their high calcium content. Crush them, place them in a sock (half-filled), tie it, and put it in your washing machine drum.

Powdered Milk:

Rejuvenate your clothes with powdered milk. Mix it with water, soak your clothes, and for best results, dry them in the sun. Regular milk works too if you soak the clothes for an hour.

Additional Tips:

Regular maintenance helps preserve the whiteness and quality of your clothes.

Be gentle with delicate fabrics to avoid damage.

Sun-drying can enhance the whitening effect of these natural methods.

By using these easy, natural methods, you can effectively restore your discolored or yellowed clothes to bright, pristine whites. Not only are these tips cost-effective, but they also utilize simple ingredients readily available at home. Give your old clothes a new lease on life with these DIY solutions!"