Experienced housewives don't buy cloves for cooking: For them, it's a gift from heaven



Experienced housewives don't buy cloves for cooking: For them, it's a gift from heaven. I share how I use cloves in unconventional ways, not just in everyday life.

Who among us doesn't use cloves in the kitchen? Every self-respecting housewife actively uses these buds in stews, preparations, and marinades. It's a great spice and seasoning! I buy cloves in whole bags, of course, not potato bags, but still. It also makes me happy in other ways.

I want to share with you, friends, where you can use the buds of a tropical flowering tree. Believe me, the result will pleasantly surprise you! Read it carefully, I'm sure this publication will be very useful to you.

Cloves as an Alternative to All Kinds of Fancy Hair Care Products.
In Soviet times, when there were only two types of shampoo on the shelves, one for children and one for adults, it was very difficult to ensure that hair was silky, voluminous, and soft. But my mother always had excellent hair, thanks to the wonderful cloves buds.

How did she make her homemade shampoo? I share my mother's recipe.
So what do we need? Simply nothing: half a liter of water, cloves buds, a tablespoon, and peppercorns, no more than 10 pieces.
We bring all this to a boil and let the solution simmer for 10 minutes over low heat. Then cover it and let it steep for half a day. That's all, the decoction can be used.
Apply it to freshly washed hair. Then just wash it off. This process not only improves color and volume. It prevents hair from becoming brittle and acts as a preventative against dandruff and skin flaking.

Clove Aromatherapy for the Entire Apartment.
We simply need to put 350 ml of water in a pot or another iron container and grate citrus zest. Then add about a dozen cloves buds and a small cinnamon stick. Just simmer without a lid over low heat and wait until the whole apartment is filled with the aromas of Asia and the East. A great natural scent!

Cloves for Sore Throat.

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