Experienced housewives don't buy cloves for cooking: For them, it's a gift from heaven


If you're worried about a sore throat, there's an excellent and reliable remedy. Here's what you need to do:

Simply grind the cloves buds into a fine fraction. We need no more than two flower heads for this. Next, just mix the spices with a tablespoon of honey.
I assure you, this remedy effectively combats throat inflammation. It has a very pleasant taste, and it kills bacteria. ENT doctors might not recommend it, but this folk remedy works brilliantly.

Cloves are like your personal dentist.
Is your gum inflamed? No problem! Just chew a clove! One bud is enough. An excellent preventive measure. It also replaces chewing gum, meaning it freshens your breath. Cloves are also beneficial for people with thick blood. Cloves perfectly thin it.

Clove is my personal natural therapist.
I often suffer from migraines. Sometimes, headaches ambush me at various unexpected places. What to do when the pain appears unnoticed and there are no headache pills at hand? Cloves will definitely help!

You just need to chew a clove bud, and the headache will disappear within 7-10 minutes.
This remedy has only advantages: A pack of cloves costs a few cents, it has no side effects, and requires no drinking water at all. How do you like these benefits? I think there are more than enough of them.

Excellent Tonic Drinks Based on Clove Buds.
If you feel down and depressed at the end of the day, there's nothing better than cheering yourself up with an excellent drink made from clove buds.

It's very simple: Pour a spoonful of tea into the teapot; you can use absolutely any tea. Season with five spices. Pour hot water over it and let it steep. Ten minutes are enough.
If you want to enhance the taste, you can add citrus notes. Fresh lime or lemon slices can be used. Use orange and grapefruit peels.
You can add some mint leaves. It gives the drink a relaxing, soothing effect.