8 Natural Tips to Drive Away Flies Permanently


When flies and midges arrive at your home, your cozy little nest turns into a nightmare! Haro on the chemical bomb. We give you our alternative methods to put an end to flying insects.


Instead of killing them with a swatter or cloth, you can opt for white vinegar. Indeed, in addition to being effective for cleaning almost all surfaces in the house, this cleaning product is a great ally for chasing away Diptera, moreover at a lower cost. And for good reason, it gives off a strong odor which bothers them. To keep these unwanted insects away, spray white vinegar on your doors and windows.


Insects, especially flies, do not like the strong smell of garlic. All you need to do is make a garlic decoction and scatter the solution on the edge of your windows.


Flies don’t like the smell of cloves. Cut citrus fruits in half or quarters, such as lemons, clementines, grapefruit or oranges. Plant a few cloves in it and spread them around your house, preferably near windows and doors, and replace them every week. This way, you will enjoy the good smell of this mixture while repelling flies out of your home.

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