Your body will warn you one month before a heart attack: Here Are the 6 Signs


Cold and Flu Symptoms:

An unexpected prevalence of these symptoms may precede a heart attack.

Chest Pressure:

Persistent chest pain could be a harbinger of an impending heart attack, necessitating immediate medical attention.


Narrowing arteries can obstruct normal blood flow, depriving muscles of necessary nutrients, causing fatigue and weakness—a possible prelude to heart failure.

Dizziness and Cold Sweats:

These can be caused by poor blood circulation, which, when severe enough to affect the brain, can be a warning of heart issues.

Persistent Drowsiness:

Feeling continuously tired or drowsy despite adequate rest may indicate poor blood circulation to the heart.

Preventing a heart attack is paramount. Recognizing and addressing these symptoms early can significantly diminish the risk of experiencing one.