These 8 Plants Keep Cockroaches and Flies Away from Our Homes


Use: Craft wreaths from dried lavender stems and position them near entrances and windows. Also, planting lavender in sunny garden spots and near doorways helps. Lavender oil, when applied to the skin, not only keeps mosquitoes at bay but also nourishes the skin and induces sleep.

Basil: This plant's scent, loved by humans, repels flies. Positioned near entrances or windows, whether potted or dried, it does wonders.

Garlic: A kitchen staple, garlic also ranks as an efficient natural repellent, especially against cockroaches.

Lemongrass: Known for its distinct lemony aroma that repels mosquitoes, its effectiveness is seen when the leaves are cut. Chop some leaves and place them where you sit to keep mosquitoes and wasps away. Just remember, the leaves can be sharp, so use shears and avoid using your hands.

Melissa (Lemon Balm): Emitting a strong citrus scent, it's effective against ants and flies. This versatile plant can also be used in culinary dishes and as herbal tea for digestive and sleep issues.

Mint: Effective against various insects, mint varieties like peppermint or pennyroyal are particularly recommended.

Uses: As a repellent for moths when dried, against ants when fresh, for flies when potted, on skin against mosquitoes, hanging against spiders, and in infusions for safeguarding vegetable gardens against pests.

Rosemary: This robust repellent fights off flies, mosquitoes, and several other insects. Whether planted in the ground or potted, rosemary is a versatile guard for both humans and plants.

Incorporate these plants into your space and see the difference. Not only will they enhance the aesthetic and aroma of your surroundings, but they'll also keep those pesky insects at bay.