How to plant a lemon in a cup to perfume and decorate the house


Have you ever noticed a peculiar or even a lack of scent in your home and wondered what to do about it? The solution might be as delightful and straightforward as planting a lemon in a cup. Lemons, those bright and zesty fruits, aren’t just a kitchen staple. Packed with vitamins C and B and boasting disinfectant properties, they’re a natural way to combat unwanted odors, bringing a slice of freshness into your space.

Here’s a simple guide to bringing that citrusy aroma into your home by planting a lemon in a cup.

What You’ll Need:

Seeds from 5 to 10 lemons, ensuring they’re whole and look healthy

A glass of clean water

Absorbent paper

A cup filled with moist soil

A small layer of gravel

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Seed Preparation: Start with your lemon seeds. Soak them in a glass of water to hydrate them, which will give them a head start on growing.

Select the Best: After a little while, you’ll notice some seeds floating. Get rid of those; they’re not going to sprout. Drain the rest and pat them dry with some paper towels.

Planting Time: Take a cup filled with moist soil. Sow the lemon seeds in a circular pattern, ensuring they’re evenly spaced out. This gives each seed the space it needs to grow.

Finishing Touches: Sprinkle a small layer of gravel over the soil. This helps with drainage and prevents the soil from splashing up when you water the seeds, which could disturb them.

Patience and Care: It will take around 10-15 days for the first green shoots to appear. When they do, water them each morning with a spray bottle. A gentle mist is all they need.

Thinning Out: If you notice the seedlings are packed too tightly as they grow, you might need to transplant a few to give them room or remove the excess.

Growth Journey: Lemon plants grow slowly. It'll be about 4-5 months before they're big enough that they’ll need to be moved to a larger home, like a pot or your garden.

This bit of greenery isn’t just decorative. It’s a delightful, natural approach to keeping your home smelling clean, and it brings a little piece of the outdoors inside. Plus, there’s something incredibly satisfying about nurturing a plant from seed to sprout and beyond. Enjoy the process and the fresh, lemon-scented rewards!