Southern Sweet Potato Casserole


There's nothing like a sweet potato casserole to bring back warm memories and create new ones at festive gatherings. If you're looking for a version that packs a richer flavor and has a firmer texture, then you've stumbled upon the right recipe. This variation not only amplifies the classic but also comes with valuable tips to enhance your culinary experience. Let's get cooking!

What I Did For a Larger Casserole:
I opted for fresh sweet potatoes, baking them until tender and letting them cool. Doubling the mashed sweet potatoes and sugar but keeping the butter and vanilla consistent produced a luscious depth of flavor. Incorporating a jumbo egg and excluding the milk ensured a firmer casserole. I recommend baking for around 30-35 minutes before layering on the Topping, followed by an additional 15 minutes. Giving it a good 20-30 minute rest before serving is ideal. And here's a handy hint: any surplus Topping can be frozen and reused later.

Real-Life Testimony:
I incorporated this gem into our Thanksgiving dinner, and it stole the show! Both kids and adults adored it, and it paired beautifully with the turkey. Tweaking it slightly by halving the recipe, using heavy cream in place of milk, and prepping the night prior made it effortless. The resulting casserole, after about 30 minutes in the oven, was sheer perfection. All thanks to Kaykwilts for this culinary inspiration!

Luscious Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe:


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