Laurel under the pillow: an ancestral custom of our ancestors which deserves to be preserved.


But why tuck laurel beneath one's pillow? The answer lies in its uniquely aromatic scent. Its calming aroma promises peaceful sleep, gently lulling the dreamer into serene depths.

However, the laurel's nocturnal role isn't just about fragrance or relaxation. Old tales hint at its protective aura against unsettling dreams or nocturnal disturbances, acting as a night's guardian.

While cherishing this age-old practice, it's essential to appreciate its diverse interpretations across different cultures. Each locale adds its flavor, enriching the narrative around this simple yet profound custom.

In our rapidly evolving world, holding onto such traditions anchors us to our past. The laurel sprig under the pillow isn't just an antiquated ritual; it's a bridge to our ancestry, a reminder of the mystic beliefs and stories of yore. Embracing it is a nod to the timeless wisdom and enduring tales of our forefathers, a journey into the magical realm of symbols and legends from days gone by.”