If we make a batch of this at our house, it quickly disappears before I can snag a bite


In need of a simple, universally-pleasing snack? The Slow Cooker Chex Mix is your answer. Whether it’s for bustling days, social gatherings, or a cozy family night in, this recipe doesn’t just deliver taste—it provides convenience. Notably, it yields a generous batch, offering ample to enjoy now or stash away for later!

My initial attempt at the Slow Cooker Chex Mix was met with skepticism. Having traditionally used the oven for creating this classic snack, the slow cooker method was uncharted territory. However, the delightful outcome completely won me over! The gradual, even cooking allows the cereals and other ingredients to thoroughly absorb every savory flavor. It has since become my preferred method, and once you give it a whirl, the oven method might just become a distant memory.

Slow Cooker Chex Mix Recipe


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