How to Grow Cardamom Plant from Seed and Care for Green Cardamom


1. Kickstart with Quality Seeds:

Choose Freshness: Select seeds that are plump and free from any damage or mold.

Seed Soak: Ensure faster germination by immersing seeds in water for about 12 hours.

2. Planting Essentials:

Soil Prep: A blend of compost, sandy soil, and a dash of perlite creates an optimal bed.

Seed Depth: Nestle the seeds 1 inch deep.

Space Wisely: Given their potential size, space seeds at least 2 feet apart.

Initial Watering: Post-planting, shower them lightly yet completely.

3. Nurture in Ideal Conditions:

Filtered Sun: Mimic their natural habitat with indirect sunlight.

Warmth: Aim for temperatures between 22°C and 32°C.

Hydration: Favor humidity with consistent soil moisture, avoiding waterlogging.

Feed Well: Nourish with balanced liquid fertilizer every few weeks.

4. Tender Loving Care:

Smart Pruning: Encourage growth by cutting away weak shoots.

Pest Vigilance: Lookout for aphids and spider mites. Organic neem oil can help fend them off.

Harvest Time: Pluck pods when they embrace a pale or yellowish-green hue, ideally before they open.

5. Extra Care Tips:

Upgrade Homes: For potted plants, shift to a larger container when they outgrow the current one.

Mulch Benefits: Organic mulch aids in moisture retention and weed control.

Patience Pays: Cardamom takes its time; await a few years for flowering and pod emergence.

Wrap-Up: Cultivating cardamom demands patience, but the outcome—a rich, home-grown flavor—is priceless. Embark on this journey and savor the unmatched aroma and taste of your very own cardamom. Happy gardening!