Here’s why you should start putting salt in the refrigerator


The refrigerator, essential for keeping our foods fresh, operates at its best when we know how to harness its full potential. A common kitchen staple we often overlook in the context of food preservation is table salt. Beyond just seasoning our dishes, salt has several applications that can aid in enhancing the longevity and freshness of our stored foods.

Let’s delve into the reasons why introducing salt to your refrigerator is a smart move and uncover other ingenious household hacks involving salt.

Using Salt in the Refrigerator: Combatting Moisture and Prolonging Freshness

Salt's inherent ability to draw moisture makes it a pivotal tool in reducing the ambient humidity inside the fridge. This is vital, as elevated moisture levels can expedite food decay by fostering bacterial and mold growth.

By simply positioning a dish or a porous sachet filled with salt within the refrigerator, you can effectively lower humidity, extending food freshness.

Furthermore, salt can neutralize any unwanted odors that might linger within the refrigerator. It’s crucial, though, to avoid direct contact of salt with food, as it could alter its flavor profile. Always use a container or sachet to prevent this.

Salt's Multifaceted Roles in the Household

Salt’s versatility isn’t confined to the refrigerator. Here are other intriguing salt-based solutions you can employ around the home:

1. Restoring Luster to Copper and Brass: Over time, items made of copper and brass tarnish due to oxidation. A homemade paste crafted from salt, vinegar, and flour can effectively bring back their gleam. Gently apply the concoction on the tarnished surfaces, rinse, and witness the transformation.

2. Natural Air Freshener: 

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