Here’s why you should start putting salt in the refrigerator


1. Restoring Luster to Copper and Brass: Over time, items made of copper and brass tarnish due to oxidation. A homemade paste crafted from salt, vinegar, and flour can effectively bring back their gleam. Gently apply the concoction on the tarnished surfaces, rinse, and witness the transformation.

2. Natural Air Freshener: Salt’s knack for odor absorption isn’t limited to the fridge. Create small salt-filled cloth pouches and place them in musty areas like cabinets. They'll function as deodorizing agents, capturing undesired smells and enhancing air quality.

3. Addressing Fabric and Carpet Stains: Spills on carpets or textiles can be daunting. However, a simple solution of salt and water can be your savior. Directly dab this mixture onto the stain, allow it to sit, and subsequently, clean gently with a cloth. Salt can break down the stain, simplifying its removal.

In conclusion, salt's role in our homes transcends its culinary use. With its moisture-wicking, odor-neutralizing, and cleaning capabilities, it serves as a versatile domestic ally. When considering food storage, incorporating salt in the fridge can be a game-changer in warding off food spoilage. So, before you relegate that extra salt to the back of the pantry, ponder its myriad other uses that can benefit your household.