DIY Pest Control: Create a Vinegar and Cloves Mixture to Banish Annoying Insects from Your Home


Crafting Your Natural Insect Repellent:

Step 1: What You’ll Need:

White vinegar: Roughly 2 cups

Whole cloves: Around 20

A spray bottle

Step 2: Clove-Infused Vinegar:

Pour the white vinegar into a bowl.

Immerse the cloves in the vinegar.

Seal and let it mingle for a day or two, allowing the essence of cloves to permeate the vinegar.

Step 3: Prep for Application:

Filter out the cloves from the mixture using a strainer.

Transfer the clove-infused vinegar into your spray bottle.

Using Your Natural Repellent:

Against Flies & Mosquitoes: Mist around potential entryways - think windows and doors. Also, target frequent congregation zones like kitchens or alfresco dining spaces.

For Ants: Disrupt their pathways by spraying your mixture over trails or common ant haunts. Also, wiping down with this solution erases the pheromone trails they rely on.

Moth Management: Mist inside cupboards, wardrobes, or wherever you store fabric to keep moths from making a meal of them.

Staving Off Spiders: Target usual spider hangouts like crevices, corners, or near windows and doors.

Outdoors: As a perimeter defense, spritz on patio furniture or recreational areas to deter insects.

A Few Pro-Tips:

Prior to a full application, spot-test on surfaces to ensure no discoloration or damage.

Periodically reapply, especially post-cleaning or if insects seem undeterred.

Store away from children and pets, and avoid direct application on them.


With this simple DIY vinegar and clove spray, you’re equipped to combat unwelcome insects, the eco-friendly way. By choosing natural remedies, you prioritize your health, safety, and the planet's wellbeing. So, go ahead, whip up this mix, and enjoy a serene, bug-free ambiance.