After spotting this new trend, I'm never making bacon any other way again!


Twisted bacon, a culinary sensation that’s recently garnered substantial acclaim, takes the beloved classic bacon and spins it into an enticingly crunchy and visually appealing delight! This innovative approach elevates the ordinary bacon strip, transforming it into a corkscrew of savory goodness that’s not only a feast for the palate but a spectacle for the eyes, ensnaring bacon enthusiasts with its whimsical shape and compelling flavor profile.

Pairing the illustrious twisted bacon can be an adventure in itself!

As an Appetizer: Envisage it gracing your party platters, accompanied by a velvety, zestful dip like ranch or blue cheese, where the crispness of the bacon harmoniously melds with the creamy dip, offering a divine play of textures and flavors.
Breakfast Side: Imagine it alongside your morning favorites like scrambled eggs, fluffy pancakes, or crisp waffles, introducing a smoky, indulgent nuance to your classic breakfast dishes.
Let’s Get Twisting with Twisted Bacon:


Bacon strips (enough to adorn your baking tray)

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