After spotting this new trend, I'm never making bacon any other way again!



Warm your oven to a cozy 350°F and grant a baking sheet a light sheen of grease.

Grasp a bacon strip by its extremities and tenderly enact a spiraling twist, forming a delightful meaty corkscrew.

Lay the artfully twisted bacon onto your prepared sheet, and continue the ballet of twists with the remaining strips.

Position each bacon spiral in a solo layer on the sheet, ensuring none are in a tangled embrace.

Optional: For a sweet flirtation, a sprinkle of brown sugar is always a welcome gesture.

Allow the bacon to dance in the warm embrace of your oven for 20-25 minutes, attaining a crispness that sings to your desires. Be attentive, as the dance may conclude earlier or later depending on your oven and the bacon’s thickness.

With gentle hands (or tongs), transfer the bacon from sheet to a plate caressed with paper towels to kiss away excess grease.

Give them a moment to cool, then serve warm, allowing each bite to be a crunchy serenade to your senses.

In each crisp twist of bacon lies a simple yet mesmerizing culinary journey, whether it's the star appetizer or a sumptuous side, ensuring that every encounter with twisted bacon leaves a lingering desire on your taste buds. Its unpretentiousness, coupled with an explosion of flavor and a playful texture, proclaims it a triumphant recipe, bound to enchant and satiate in every delectable bite.