Lactuca Serriola (Prickly Lettuce): Discover the Hidden Treasures of this Wild Medicinal Plant


Tincture Magic:

Needs: Fresh/dried Prickly Lettuce leaves, potent alcohol (like vodka)

Steps: Crush leaves; submerge in alcohol in a sealed jar; store in a cool place, shaking daily for 2-4 weeks; strain and store.

Dosage: About 3-5 ml thrice daily can help with various ailments.

Juicy Health:

Needs: Dried Prickly Lettuce leaves, water

Steps: Dry, grind leaves; mix with water to make a juice.

Dosage: Intake or apply as needed.

Soothing Infusion:

Needs: Fresh Prickly Lettuce leaves, hot water

Steps: Infuse fresh leaves in hot water; steep and strain.

Dosage: Sip or gargle for relief.

Sweet Syrup:

Needs: Sugar, Prickly Lettuce infusion

Steps: Mix warm infusion with sugar; store after cooling.

Dosage: A spoonful to calm a sore throat.

Healing Poultices:

Needs: Fresh Prickly Lettuce leaves

Steps: Crush fresh leaves; apply as a paste.

Dosage: Use on wounds, ulcers, or insect stings.

Now that you're well-versed with Lactuca serriola, next time it greets you outdoors, consider harvesting its natural wonders for health. Yet, always reach out to a health expert for significant health queries.