The ‘Mom Of Boys’ Guide To Getting That Gross Smell Out Of Your Bathroom


Being the mother of boys is a unique experience - I can vouch for this as my husband, who grew up with two brothers, has often regaled me with tales of their childhood shenanigans. As a parent of boys, it's a fact you've likely come to accept - boys, on average, tend to create more chaos and mess than girls, especially in the context of using the bathroom, and particularly during toilet training.

Navigating the tricky waters of toilet training a young boy often leads to a common problem - not all of their "business" ends up where it should. Enter the innovative solution from mother-of-three, Priscilla Raquel Lloyd, who recently shared her bathroom deodorizing secret on Facebook.

Priscilla recommends the use of a conventional, inexpensive shaving cream to eliminate the lingering scent of urine from the bathroom floor and around the toilet bowl. She highlights the importance of first cleaning the area with a bleach-based cleaner for sanitization. However, as a mother in the throes of potty training her three sons, she acknowledges that an unpleasant, persistent odor tends to linger despite this. Her solution? A generous application of shaving cream following the regular cleaning helps to neutralize that stubborn scent of stale urine.

If the lingering smell in your bathroom due to toilet training worries you, it might be worth giving Priscilla's hack a try. We appreciate you sharing your tip, Priscilla!