Sheet Pan Chicken Pot Pie


"Ever wondered if the classic Chicken Pot Pie could be tweaked a bit? Not that there's anything wrong with the original – it's near perfection. However, for those of you who crave a bit more crust in every bite or have many mouths to feed, consider giving our Sheet Pan Chicken Pot Pie a try. It boasts all the familiar elements – a rich chicken filling punctuated with carrots, celery, onion, and peas, and a crust so flaky it's a marvel. The bonus? More of that buttery crust and a larger serving of that soul-warming flavor we all adore.

What's even better? This version can be more straightforward than the classic. No more struggling with achieving that perfect dough circle or fitting it just right in a pie pan. The filling remains a comforting constant, but when it comes to the crust, just cut puff pastry strips and lay them atop. Opt for a woven lattice design or simple straight layers; either way, it's a breeze."

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