Removing Black Marks from Dishes

 I sprinkled some of the powder on my plate, then used a wet sponge to scrub. What the what?!?! Check it out:

remove black marks from dishes

Those “permanent” black marks disappeared like a bunny in a magician’s hat! I was shocked. Seriously. And I didn’t even have to scrub super hard or anything!

My dishes look new again! I can’t wait for my husband to get home to see if he’ll notice. How could he not, I mean, come on! Look at that sweeeeeeet before-and-after!

how to clean dinner plate black scratches

I have passed up a lot of dishes at thrift stores because they had these scratches all over them. No longer! I’m sure this stuff would work great for cleaning white porcelain sinks too. And I bet it would really help get hard water build up off of drinking glasses. This stuff is magic!

Bar Keeper’s Friend also comes in a soft scrub liquid formula that I think is meant for delicate surfaces. The instructions written on the bottle say to test the product in a hidden area the first time you use it on something, especially if it’s valuable or made of a special material.

The instructions also say that you can also use this stuff on your glass cooktop, bathtub, stainless steel, and tile. I think I’ll be trying it out all over the house!

I’m going to use it to clean my crockpot. It has the same black scratch marks all over it too.

I have also heard from readers who have tried this hack that it can dull the shine of dishware over time. I thought these plates were a lost cause, so even if it does dull the finish eventually, it extended the life of my dishes by a lot, so I still count it as a win. But maybe don’t scrub your porcelain sink with it every day?

This is definitely a winning life hack. Boo yah!