Paula Deen in 5 Minute Fudge


5 Minute Chocolate Fudge is a creamy chocolate fudge recipe generously filled with pecans.

This fudge recipe comes together in just minutes and is perfect for gift giving, snacking, and serving for any occasion. Made with or without nuts, this dessert is a year-round favorite.

To make this chocolate pecan fudge, all you have to do is combine everything in a glass bowl, heat it up for a few minutes, pour it onto a tray, and then cool it until it has the consistency.  I like to sprinkle a few extra tablespoons of chopped nuts on top of the fudge before refrigerating it, too.

Once the fudge is ready, you can cut it into any shape and size you want. 1 inch squares are my favorite way to cut out this fudge, but larger squares, triangles, and rectangles will work just as well!


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