Marinated cucumber, onion & tomato


Clada is a delicious Moroccan salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. Crispy, refreshing and very simple. It's a light summer salad: tomatoes, veggies or cucumbers, onions, aromatic herbs and vinaigrette. It is served as an appetizer or side dish for grilled meat, chicken or fish.

Yesterday I shared with you a recipe for grilled kofta skewers the Moroccan way. Traditionally, they are served with tomato and cucumber salad, bread and mint tea.

It's a summer salad, best when tomatoes and cucumbers are in season and so much tastier. But I had to give it to you since I told you about it in the Moroccan Skewers recipe. It's very simple and refreshing.

Are we not saying that sometimes the simplest recipes are the best?


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