Taco Braid


Easy Taco Pride uses pizza dough, marinated beef taco, fried beans, cheese and sauce to create the ultimate family dinner!


+ Cue Fiesta Taco recipe :


I have a rule in my house: If you hang out in the kitchen, I'll put you down at work. Fortunately, they are usually eager to help with dinner preparation. We all jump to deal with a separate part of the preparation. Dinner is prepared faster and is fun. Plus, it's kind of surprising how open your kids are to you when you hang out and roll out pizza dough.


Also, when you help prepare the food, she gets some early taste tests The crew The staff loves any type of pizza recipe. This special recipe for pizza braid made with several different methods at my home.  This time we decided to use the taco theme!


+ How to make a taco braid ?


* Ingredients:

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