Six Minute Caramels


Today, you're going to learn how to create one of my all-time favorite recipes: delectable 6-minute caramels! With this quick and simple method, you can eliminate all of the anxieties associated with candy making and easily produce a bowl of tasty treats to enjoy! 

If you've ever tried candy production, you realize it takes a lot of time which effort and sometimes results in disappointment if items aren't done precisely. I've had to discard few batches of caramels because they were either too soft or too rough. Using a candy thermometer correctly and efficiently can be challenging and time-consuming! 

Today, I'm delighted to share a tried-and-true, secret gem of a recipe with you! These 6-minute salted caramels cook so quickly on a really low flame, they're incredible!! 

We adore this recipe for Six Minute Caramels. It's an excellent option if you're searching for a simple sweet/dessert that can be processed and taste just as good as the day it was produced. 

These caramels often make fantastic handmade presents for friends and relatives, since you're sure to bring a smile to their faces when you arrive with beautifully presented, individually packed caramel bites for them to enjoy!


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