Pistachio Delight Pie


Pistachio Delight is a creamy layered pudding dessert. This Pistachio Delight recipe has a graham cracker crust and layers of pistachios, white chocolate pudding, and sweet cream cheese. Then it is covered with a layer of leather.

These pistachio candies are a green and creamy dessert perfect for upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebrations. In fact, I do it every year for Easter. Kids love a cold treat after spending all day chasing eggs and playing Easter games. No matter what holiday you make this dessert for, I'm sure it will be a hit. Everyone wants seconds, especially children.

As for recipe photos, all I found at the time was Hershey's white chocolate instead of Jell-O, but if you're able to track down Jell-O's white chocolate pudding , the result will be much richer in color and flavor.


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