The benefits of avocado seeds


Avocado, like kale, is known to be a "superfood": the sheer amount of nutrients it contains is enough to completely change your day, whether you eat the green fruit itself or a smoothie containing it. But something people often overlook is the big hurdle to its immediate consumption — the seeds.

As scientists search for the next big superfood to become a trend, everyone should focus on improving the kind they already know. Research now shows that the pits of an avocado are just as valuable, if not more, than the fruit that encases them.

Not many people know about these secret benefits, probably because avocado seeds are so hard to crack that the majority of avocado lovers don't care about them. But nothing worthwhile comes easy, and the benefits of avocado seeds are worth it.

Daily Superfood Love reveals something that might convince even the laziest of us: Avocado seeds contain more than 70% of the fruit's total amount of antioxidants. Thus, the fleshy part that we are used to eating is only a small part of the nutrients that we are supposed to get from an avocado. Here are some examples of what seeds can do for you.
Arthritis and joint pain

Daily Superfood Love reports 

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