The benefits of avocado seeds


Daily Superfood Love reports that the seeds (and skin) of avocados contain catechins and procyanidins, which are antioxidants that reduce inflammation, swelling, and stiffness in the joints—a great weapon against arthritis.

According to Daily Superfood Love, avocado seeds are high in fiber, which helps you feel more satisfied with your meals overall. Plus, they help keep your blood sugar in check, which will hopefully eliminate that daily urge to gorge on all the chocolate in your house.
skin and hair

The antioxidants in avocado seeds can repair damage to your skin cells and help build collagen, says Daily Superfood Love. What's more, Step to Health says it's great for dry hair with dandruff. The combination of the contents of the seeds and castor oil can help make your hair shinier.

How do you take advantage of all these advantages ?

So how exactly do you get inside this hard shell? First, remove the pit from the rest of the avocado half by inserting a knife into it to secure it. Turn the knife over and pull to remove the seeds without damaging the pulp. Daily Superfood Love then recommends going at the seed with a sharp, hard stab and then chopping it into pieces, but this technique can be difficult and dangerous.

LiveStrong recommends putting the seeds in a food processor instead—though again, you'll need something very powerful and reliable to get the job done. The powder obtained from the chopped seeds can then be used in smoothies, as in the example above. Improve your health also suggests grinding the seeds and using the result in infusions.

A quick final note: Since your body may not be used to consuming avocado seeds, you may experience some "upset stomach" at first, Science Update reports. However, the seed poses absolutely no health risks, quite the opposite. So go ahead and be sure to share its benefits with all your friends by sharing this article !