Tennessee onions recipe


Onions don't get the credit they deserve. They are the backbone of soups and pasta dishes. They're also great sliced or sliced and served raw on salads, sandwiches, and even burgers.

But even the most ardent onion lover has probably never heard of Tennessee onions.
The key to this dish, of course, is the onion. But not just any onion. You need sweet onions, more specifically, you need a Vidalia sweet onion if you can find it.

Sweet onions grown in Georgia are prized for their naturally sweet taste. They still have some bite, like any onion, but they're not as pungent and firm. Georgia farmers credit the unique soil of the 20-county growing region centered around, you guessed it, Vidalia, Georgia, for the unique flavor.

So why would Tennessee onions use Georgia onions? We're not really sure, but we'll eat it anyway.
The melted cheeses (we use smoked gouda and mild cheddar) get a little crunchy and mix with the herbs and butter to make a sauce that's best left behind. The final dish is a cheese ball, both sour and sweet of juicy sliced onions with golden chunks of cheese.


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