Oven Roasted Smoked Sausage and Potatoes


Today I am back with you for a simple recipe with this smoked sausage over oven roasted vegetables.

I really need to write a recipe for that. Probably not, but it makes me happy. If you haven't understood it, it's also a bit like my diary.
So this recipe I've been making for a while actually. When Max's Mistress catches the virus, and like 5 other mistresses too, the class is closed. So I had kept a friend too, but just in time really to go shopping I did with the means at hand. Sweet potatoes, leeks and smoked sausage. Of course, it would also work with chicken thighs, or even without meat on top. It's very easy to do. The advantage of the cube is that it doesn't require a lot of groceries!

Well I admit I took a bit of a risk with my friend but I also had 2 fries left so I made a few quick fries.

Anyway, in the evening Max was glad he still had leftovers. It's been a while since I told you, but I'm really lucky he eats everything!
Even her boyfriend ate some

Another advantage is that it is a unique dish that requires only 10 minutes of preparation!

If you like it?

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