*How To Cleaning Your Toilet From Top To Bottom*


Begin from the top: while the vinegar does its magic, tackle the toilet base, paying special attention to the inner and outer areas of the seat. Once every part of your toilet has been sprayed, wipe everything down with a clean cloth - completing the first stage of your toilet cleaning mission!

1 Minute for a Sparkling Bowl:
The toilet bowl demands consistent maintenance to prevent the buildup of tartar and limescale: don't wait until damage is noticeable before giving it proper care! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves brushing your bowl for a minute, two to three times a week. Utilize bleach or white vinegar to eliminate impurities before they even have a chance to cling to the bowl. After brushing, flush the toilet to rinse: maintain this routine and your bowl will perpetually gleam!

Fun Fact: As per RTC, the Swiss rank among the top consumers of toilet paper worldwide, with a staggering 20 kilos used per person annually! Wondering how this relates to toilet maintenance? Simple, excessive use of toilet paper can gradually lead to clogged toilets...

In fact, if you notice your toilet starting to clog, it's time to take action!
If your toilet bowl is blocked due to paper (or any other substance), combine white vinegar and hot water and let it sit for an hour or two, then flush. Your toilet should be unclogged! Surprisingly enough, if you have a couple of Coca-Cola bottles lying around, they can do the trick too - pour them down the toilet and leave them overnight.
If your bowl has been discolored due to limescale, coffee maker descaler presents an unlikely but highly effective solution. Position toilet paper along the bowl sides and soak it in the descaler. Let it sit for an hour or two, then flush the toilet for a spotless result!

Final Mission Step:
The last task involves cleaning the floor surrounding your toilet. Begin by sweeping the area around your toilet, followed by wiping it with a vinegar and water-soaked cloth. If you can spare a few seconds, give the toilet door handle a polish with a bit of tea tree essential oil for a guaranteed sanitizing effect!
Pro Tip: If after cleaning, your toilet smells more of vinegar than roses, a foolproof odor-neutralizing solution is to strike a match! The sulfur it releases will dispel any lingering unpleasant odors.