How To Clean Your Bathtub Using Dawn Dish Soap


Cleaning can be a surprisingly therapeutic task for me. However, there's one task that often finds itself at the bottom of my to-do list - cleaning the bathtub.

Over time, bathtubs can develop a stubborn layer of soap scum and mildew. But fear not, for there is a simple and effective solution to this problem. Believe it or not, all you need is Dawn dish soap and a plastic-bristle broom.

Begin by squeezing a generous amount of dish soap onto the sides of your tub. You can also apply it to the base of the tub, but remember to exercise caution as the soap will make the surfaces rather slippery. Next, use your broom to scrub the soap into the sides and base of the tub. Dish soap, known for its grease-cutting properties, works wonders in tackling soap scum and mildew.

I used to don a mask and employ the use of a scrub brush and bleach to combat the unsightly buildup in my bathtub. This dish soap method, however, is significantly less arduous and more effective. It leaves the tub looking fresh and gleaming. Knowing this straightforward cleaning technique, I suspect I'll be less likely to postpone this particular chore in the future!