Homemade All-purpose Cleaner


My journey across the vast Pinterest DIY world led me to countless multipurpose sprays, but none truly met my expectations. With granite countertops that demand a glistening clean, I sought a solution that would leave no room for compromise. Many sprays I tested resulted in streaky, wet-looking countertops, reminiscent of a car windshield post-rain. Others left behind an unsightly white film, mimicking the residue of a dirty rag.

Driven by frustration, I embraced my own creativity and began to experiment. With just a few tweaks and adjustments, success arrived! The perfect formula that not only cleans superbly, but leaves my countertops shimmering and breathtakingly beautiful. It even tackled stubborn, dried-up barbecue sauce with ease.

What's more, I've managed to negate the off-putting vinegar smell that typically accompanies homemade cleaners. This concoction is mild to the senses, allowing for a pleasant cleaning experience.

Here's the recipe for my game-changing Homemade All-purpose Countertop Spray, which works wonders on granite countertops:


3 cups of hot water
1 cup of distilled white vinegar
1/4 teaspoon of liquid castile soap (I prefer Dr. Bronner's lavender variety)
10 drops of lavender essential oil

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