Homemade All-purpose Cleaner

epurpose a used-up cleaner spray bottle; I prefer a white one as it allows me to jot down the "recipe" directly on the bottle. Give it a shake, and you're ready to get cleaning!

An added bonus, this DIY cleaner is remarkably cost-effective. Here's a quick cost analysis:

Vinegar: I buy a 1.32-gallon vinegar jug from Costco at approximately $3, which calculates to about $0.19 per cup.

Castile soap: A 32oz purchase from Amazon for $16 comes out to just about $0.021 for 1/4 teaspoon.

Lavender oil: 10 drops from a bottle bought on Amazon for $9.99 works out to approximately $0.05.

That brings the total cost of this homemade concoction to a mere $0.261.

When compared to a typical $3 spray you might pick up at Target, the savings are substantial, earning this recipe a solid 10 on the affordability scale. Plus, it's incredibly eco-friendly and safe - no need to fret about harmful chemicals contaminating your food or posing a risk to children.