A companion of Queen Elizabeth discloses heartbreaking information about the late monarch’s final days


A profound sense of loss resonated around the world following the demise of Queen Elizabeth. Although not universally revered due to differing views on the monarchy, it was undeniable that the late Queen commanded vast adoration. Her reign spanned over seven decades, a testament to her enduring dedication to the throne, which she now leaves to join her late husband, Prince Philip.

The news of the Queen's death at Balmoral circulated swiftly, with speculation and rumors about the cause of her passing quickly following. Unverified claims suggested that the late Queen had bone cancer, but no official confirmation was issued by Buckingham Palace.

An intimate friend of Queen Elizabeth unveiled some information about her final days during an interaction with The Daily Beast.

Queen Elizabeth left us on September 8, 2022, at the age of 96, marking the end of an era that lasted for over 70 years.

Her state funeral at Westminster Abbey was followed by a procession carrying her coffin through the streets of London to Wellington Arch. This state funeral was the first of its kind in the United Kingdom since former Prime Minister Winston Churchill's death in 1965.

The estimated cost of Queen Elizabeth's lying-in-state and burial is believed to be around $200 million, as reported by the Associated Press. This information was revealed in a written statement to the Parliament.

Westminster Hall in London saw a vast outpouring of grief as hundreds of thousands of people gathered to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth.

John Glen, chief secretary to the Treasury, emphasized in a statement that the government prioritized ensuring that all proceedings were conducted with dignity and ran smoothly, without compromising public safety and security.

The specific circumstances surrounding Queen Elizabeth's death remained undisclosed for weeks after her funeral. According to the Daily Mail, the National Records of Scotland (NRS) faced accusations of withholding public information after it declined to provide a copy of Her Majesty's death certificate.

The cause of death was finally declared towards the end of September as "old age," with no additional details.

When Queen Elizabeth passed away, King Charles and Camilla were present at her side. Regrettably, neither Prince William, Kate Middleton, nor Prince Harry managed to reach Balmoral in time to bid their final farewells.

In a heartfelt conversation with 60 Minutes, Prince Harry revealed the confusion and emotional turmoil he experienced in the hours following his grandmother's death. He shared his conversation with Prince William about travel plans for Balmoral, which ended with him learning about the Queen's demise from a news website during his journey.

Upon his arrival at Balmoral, Princess Anne, the Queen's daughter, greeted him and offered him an opportunity to pay his last respects, a moment Harry profoundly described on 60 Minutes.

A mix of personal anecdotes and reflections of the late Queen and her impact highlights the deep void left in the wake of her passing, bringing to life the significance of a remarkable reign spanning over seven decades.