Leave a glass of Water With Salt & Vinegar In Your Home & See The Changes In 24 h !


Many philosophies emphasize the presence of negative energies that pollute the soul and spirit by greatly affecting comfort and well-being, but there are many ways to get rid of them.

What is negative energy ?

Negative energies are similar to shock waves that bounce back on your family, pets, you, and everything around your home.

Although you can't see the energy with the naked eye, you can definitely feel it.

Salt water therapy is a simple yet powerful spiritual remedy to counteract the invisible harmful black energy and drain it from our system.

This should be done especially when one is experiencing symptoms such as:

° idle

° speed reduction

° inability to think

° Excessive thoughts, especially when they are of a negative nature

° stress

Try this easy homemade method and banish all those negative energies! The ingredients are accessible to everyone, just water, salt and vinegar.

Here's how to prepare and how to use this solution:

** You will need the following components:

° 1 cup (it should be completely transparent)

° white vinegar

° sea salt

° water

* Preparation :

Take a clear cup and pour sea salt into it - it must covering about a third of cup, then adding a small amount vinegar, and covering the cup with water. Putting glass in the places where you spend most time and in the places where other people visit you (or where you think the energy is the most negative) and leave it in the same place for 24 hours.

After 24 h, checking glass - if you let it totally, there are no negative energies in room. However, if its level rises, the water simply overflows, or if the glass has stains and it is clearly not as if you left it, then this is the result of power problems. In this case, repeat the procedure again with a new glass, and keep repeating until it is just as clean as you left it.

Spread this solution around your house until the salt stops moving.

This solution banishes negative energies and bad karma.