You Can't Believe the Amazing Outcomes When You Combine Detergent with Salt!

Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh: Salt's inherent antimicrobial qualities may ward against the development of mildew and other microorganisms.
Essential Items
Laundry detergent that you normally use
One kind of salt, either table salt or sea salt
A Comprehensive Tutorial on How to Use Salt in Your Washing Machine
Evaluate the Soap: Add the quantity of detergent the manufacturer recommends to the washing machine.
First, add the salt. Put about half a cup of salt into the washing machine drum for a standard-sized load. A full cup might be more appropriate for heavier loads.
To load the washing machine, just throw all of your garments in as you normally would.
Start the Cycle: Just choose the wash cycle you want and the machine will take care of the rest. The detergent's cleaning power will be increased when the salt dissolves in the water.
Advice for Maximizing Victory
Using Hot Water: Use a warm water setting if your garments can withstand it, since salt dissolves easier in warm water.
Make sure the colors won't bleed by testing a tiny inconspicuous area before applying salt to new or vividly colored clothing.
Common Application: If you want your clothing to stay brighter and cleaner for longer, add salt to your washing cycle on a regular basis.
In summary,
A easy and inexpensive approach to increase the cleaning power of your detergent is to add salt to your washing regimen. Your clothing will look better, smell better, and last longer if you follow this simple method. If you put this common kitchen item to the test in your laundry room, you may be amazed by how well it works. A fresher, brighter closet awaits you; the days of drab, worn-out garments are over.