You can never have enough of this stuff in a single glass jar! Five at a time is my normal preference.

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Any get-together, whether it's a family reunion or a taco Tuesday, would be incomplete without Pico de Gallo, a bright and refreshing salsa from our southern neighbors in Mexico. Lime, jalapeños, cilantro, juicy tomatoes, and onions make for a basic but flexible and delightful salsa. Not only does it make for an attractive presentation in a large glass jar, but it also provides a simple method to preserve and maintain the freshness of the pico de gallo. Pico de gallo is such a versatile condiment; it adds a burst of flavor to anything from grilled meats to chips.
Crunchy tortilla chips, spicy fajitas, or your beloved tacos are the perfect accompaniments for pico de gallo. Serve it as a refreshing topping for grilled chicken or fish, or spoon it over a bed of greens for a lighter touch. Also, it's a great method to sneak some vegetables into meals without overpowering people's taste sensibilities, which is great if you have kids or people with sensitive palates.
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Gallo Pico

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